GlobeDirect has partnered with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Renewal Mailing Program.

 Zone Map

• Virtually guaranteed to be opened by the recipient, requiring a response, giving
your business exposure to over 4.8 million prospective registered drivers.
• Proprietary list not available through any other source
• Total annual mailing will be approximately 2.4 million registered drivers
• Average monthly total is approximately 205,000 registered drivers

• Includes design, printing, inserting and
First Class postal delivery
• Targeted lists eliminate wasted print,
postage and mailing services
• Monthly mailings
• Statewide Database


Call GlobeDirect at 508.871.1967 or email us at amorrison@globe.com

Globe Direct has partnered with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to offer advertisers access to a proprietary list of all registered vehicle owners in the state of Massachusetts.

Your advertising buckslip rides along inside a First-Class envelope that comes directly from the RMV with the vehicle owners Registration Renewal letter. 

The Program
- Mailed on a monthly basis

- Reaches all motor vehicle owners whose registrations expire the following month

- Exposure to more than 4.8 million homes statewide over a two-year period

- Geographical targeting into any of five zones (see reverse side for zone map)

- High-visibility with a limited number of advertising slots available

What is Turn-Key?
Includes all aspects of this unique opportunity; the design and printing of the buckslip, inserting
and First Class postal delivery.

Why 2 years?
Registration renewal in Massachusetts is required every 2 years. This means it will take 2 years to cycle through each targeted prospect in the database.