Direct/Solo Mail

Direct Mail is an efficient, cost effective and targeted method to deliver your advertising message to your current and potential customers. more

Shared Mail Jacket

Globe Directs shared mail jacket wraps a powerful selection of weekly supermarket sales flyers as well as the weekly promotions from most of the major retailers in Greater Boston. Weekly readership of 71% make this a powerful cost effective vehicle. more

Print & Deliver

All the power of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of shared mail distribution. Our turnkey P&D program com-bined with our print buying power affords you great print rates coupled with a state-of-the-art distribution channel getting you in virtually every home in your market. more

Please find more information in the following .pdf download:    Zone Map

• Your materials already printed? Be part of a package which includes all of the major
  supermarkets and retailers weekly.
• 71% Readership*
• Cost effective rates based on shared mail distribution
• Single sheet to multiple pages
• Volume and frequency rates available
• Select your distribution rates available
• Reach 100% of the households in/around the Boston market or selected coverage by zip code
  and sub-zipcode level.
• Optimized rates available
• Distributed weekly on top rates available
• Distributed weekly via USPS
• Need distribution in outside rates available
• Optimized rates available
• Reservations 10 days prior to distribution date
• Materials due Friday 3pm six days prior to distribution date
*2007 NSAmedia/Beldon Assoc. Study

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