Globe Direct provides a wide variety of print advertising services that benefit businesses both large and small. With our specialized expertise, we can provide your company with the most robust comprehensive market coverage possible. Take a peek under the hood and discover what makes us the most capable direct mail solution around.

Everything any marketer could need for direct marketing list management, list acquisition, mapping, data processing, and database marketing services. Accurate data means better delivery rates, bigger postal discounts, improved response, and better overall return on marketing investment.


• Over 56,000 specialty lists available
• National Residential List – 138 million+ records
• Consumer Lists – demographic, psychographic, PRISM and lifestyle data
• Business Lists – revenue, employee size, and business type


• Demographic and lifestyle information
• Radius, drive time, hand-drawn polygons, trade area, and distance
• Consumer penetration, and sales analysis

Data Processing, Database Marketing & Services

• Profiling, penetration, and modeling analysis
• Mail tracking & reporting
• Address Standardization, CASS, Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Postal Presorting
• NCOA – 4 Full Years of National Change of Address
• Merge/Purge, deduping, and genderizing
• Use current customers to develop look a like targeted prospects
• Targeted lists to eliminate wasted print, postage and mailing services
• Clean data reduces postage rates and trucking costs

• Address Standardization, CASS- Having the data for a mailing isn’t enough. The USPS has clearly defined requirements that help get your message to your clients on time. Address standards, verifying the actual address and its delivery point help the USPS assure that the message can be sorted properly for the carrier, in the order the mail is delivered.

• Delivery Point Validation (DPV)- Confirms through the Postal Service whether any individual address is a valid delivery point. Addresses that are not validated can be removed to reduce costs associated with non-deliverable mail.

• Postal Presorting- USPS approved mailing software to sort your list to postal regulations and optimal postage discounts.

• NCOA- 4 Full Years of National Change of Address. Supplied directly from USPS, automatic update to new address, reports available to keep your current list up to date. Do you want to mail to clients that have moved outside your territory? Do you wish to mail to the prior household as a new prospect and continue to mail to the current customer?

• Merge/Purge, deduping, and genderizing. Some clients have several lists. Bringing them together can be tricky. Do you wish to merge data from multiple lists into 1 record rather than mailing multiple times? Does your list contain multiple contacts at one address and you only want to mail to 1 per household? Do you wish to personalize the piece with a prefix? We can genderize the list and populate this prefix for you. Do you wish to mail to only the male or female on your list for this promotion? There are multiple ways to manipulate data, whatever your needs we can find a way to get it done.

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