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"Good analytics lead to better decisions"

Good data provides the underpinning for good decision making. Yet many firms don't invest enough time or money in analytics. Instead, they work on gut feel and supposition. Even if your organization is reducing its overall marketing spending, there is a sound business case for investing in marketing analytics.   Click here to read entire article from Direct Marketing

Automated Analytics and Targeted Lists
ConsumerSelect Analytics is a web-based analytics platform that creates highly targeted mailing lists that can improve response rates by 15 to 25%. ConsumerSelect brings sophisticated targeting and modeling tools to any business without the high costs traditionally associated with customized programs.

Large direct marketers often turn to predictive models to improve targeting. The time and expense associated with building complex scoring models makes sense for large-scale initiatives but is often prohibitive for smaller organizations with smaller marketing programs.

ConsumerSelect is the first web-based platform that brings the power and accuracy of advanced scoring models to every campaign. ConsumerSelect can help you dramatically improve your trageting and list selection. This automated targeting platform provides the power of advanced profiling and scoring models to any size organization.

Allowing You To

• Acquire new, highly qualified leads at a lower net cost per response, resulting in higher response
  rates as well as better overall marketing ROI
• Remove the guesswork from targeting the right prospects by making the selection process a   science

ConsumerSelect Analytics Creates Three Main Deliverables

1. Customer Profile Reports Provides a snapshot of the demographics of any group of customers
     or responders

2. Predictive models determine the key differences between your best look-alike prospects and the     general population

3. Targeted lists based on the selecting only the highest ranked prospect households in a given     geography

Key Benefits of Consumer Select Analytics
• Eliminating the guesswork of list selects
• Delivering better results for direct marketing campaigns though more accurate targeting
• Bringing the power of advanced scoring models to all campaigns – not just the big ones

You Provide the Following
• Your Customer/Responder/Donor file in text or Excel format (should contain at a minimum first    name, last name, address and zip code)
• Geographic target area

We Will Provide
• Profile Report – This professional profile report summarizes the demographic data for the
  uploaded list
• Model Report – In a matter of hours, a scoring model is created identifying the attributes of
  likely responders
• Targeted List/ Counts – We apply the model and geo-selects to build your targeted list

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